PSF GSoC students blogs: GSoC Weekly Check-in

Hello everyone!

This is 7th week of GSoC 2019, just one week away from 2nd Evaluations. Here’s what I did this week.

What did I do this week?

This week was a bit relaxing. I didn’t do much except making changes in my old PR for improvement of Icons Picker API. Added some features like zipping folders, providing a separate route for download of files and improved file structure. There were a few changes my mentors told me to make in that PR so that the code matches all the other repos. Except that I started working on the current version of EOS-icons while the new version is still in development.

What is coming up next week?

In one or two days the code base for new version of EOS-icons will be ready which brings some major changes like moving to pug from HTML templates, using Gulp instead of Grunt and a lot more. Once that is done, I’ll make the icons-picker and connect it with API.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes, I am still stuck on some error with heroku deployment. I tested it locally and the solution seems to work. Once my PR is merged I’ll try to make the changes in it.

Till next time,

Planet Python

PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly check-in #4

Hello there! Good to see u here.

Now, I’ll tell what you are here for!

What did you do this week?

So, I finished the implementation last week and its already merged. This week I completed mockup for the cheatsheet(that’s what we are calling that). Its a subpage of main EOS icons landing page which contains all the icons. Its has two subsections itself one is for EOS icons and second one is for extended EOS icons that are made 1-1 from google material icons. Currently mentors are reviewing that mockup and I am modifying the changes accordingly.

What’s coming next?

After this is over I’ll start the implementation of the cheatsheet. First I will create everything in basic HTML, CSS and bootstrap 4 they I’ll have to convert it to pug and SCSS according to our new SMACSS structure that my mentors introduced recently.

Did you stuck anywhere?

Not really but, yes I was stuck a bit when I was testing the converting HTML into pug. But my mentors helped me out of it.

So, ya that’s it for now. See you next week!

Planet Python

PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Check-In #6

The application is almost built now. Only minor changes, bugfixes and writing tests are left.

In the last week, I fixed a lot of new and pending bugs from the past. All the issues and the fixes can be found on and I was also sick for the last couple of days so there was a short pause. My mentor and I also figured out some SEO stuff that needs to be worked on. Our site was loading slower than usual. We fixed it by installing memcache which in turn gave rise to some other bugs (this has been happening since the very beginning :p).

In this week I plan to finish all the pending issues so that I can start with either testing or UI refactoring from the next week. For the testing we are thinking of running a whole GSoC program using scripts. Let’s see how that turns out. Adios.

Planet Python

Weekly Python StackOverflow Report: (clxxxvi) stackoverflow python report

These are the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2019-07-13 20:02:22 GMT

  1. How can torch multiply two 10000*10000 matrices in almost zero time? Why does the speed change so much from 349 ms down to 999 µs? – [9/3]
  2. Defining a python dictionary of lambdas through a for cycle – [8/2]
  3. Indexing numpy array with index array of lower dim yields array of higher dim than both – [7/3]
  4. How to horizontally swap two halves of an image in python opencv – [7/2]
  5. Why does python require you to acquire a lock before waiting on a condition – [7/1]
  6. what does `a: b` statement do in python? – [7/0]
  7. Reshape long to wide using columns names – [6/5]
  8. Is string internally stored as individual characters, each character in memory shared by other similar strings? – [6/2]
  9. How does appending names to many __init__*.py work? – [6/0]
  10. How do I cut a string based on digit first certain digit and the rest – [5/3]

Planet Python

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-07-12

Apple released an unexpected update to the entry-level MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13“ this week. What the new release replaces is interesting, as well: the non-retina entry level MacBook Air, the no-Touchbar 13” MacBook Pro, and the 12″ MacBook are all discontinued.

The iMac and the (cylinder) Mac Pro are the only remaining Mac models without a T2 chip. All current Mac models except the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro now require macOS 10.14 Mojave as their minimum OS.

We also got an interesting vulnerability story with the popular videoconferencing software Zoom. The reaction from Zoom was slow, they did not address the issue until the researcher published the problem, but Apple reacted much faster, adding the problematic local web server, that Zoom installed to bypass some of the system’s user security to macOS’s Malware Removal Tool’s list of, well, malware within 24 hours.

Finally, I am going to give a half-day class based on the ‘Moving to zsh’ article series at our offices in Amsterdam on September 6. If you are wondering why Apple is changing the default shell, how it will affect you, and how you can increase your Terminal productivity with zsh, then sign up here!

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  • Sisyphus-J: “MacOS/iOS Entitlement database now updated for MacOS 15 and iOS 13 beta 3. with over 150 more daemons and 500 more entitlements.. including such fine gems as”
  • Mustafa Hussain: “In macOS, when you drop a Calendar event into the Terminal, the Terminal adopts the event’s color. As it should.… ”
  • Steve Troughton-Smith: “Disasters like Zoom are why the Mac gets progressively more locked-down, and why commandline tools and daemons can’t be exempt from signing & security. By default, we should trust no software, and neither should the hardware it runs on…”
  • Alex Wild: “Apparently sailors used to use a log, tied to a measured rope & thrown overboard, to periodically measure the speed of a boat. They’d then write the data in a ”log-book“ Which is why we now use the word ”log“ to record data. Things I learned.”
  • Isaac T.: “Confirmed with Apple: sharing with SMB is broken in macOS Mojave 10.14.5. The problem: ”smbd“ deadlocks with multiple users connected to a share. Engineering knows and is working on it. Time to resolution: unknown. Here are the options: 1/” (thread)
  • Rich Mogull: ““Shadow IT” is merely how the fearful describe the reduction of friction and democratization of technology to better enable agile business.”

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