InterWorks Receives Snowflake Growth Solution Partner of the Year Award

InterWorks wins Snowflake Growth Solution Partner of the Year

Recently, InterWorks was honored to receive the Snowflake Growth Solution Partner of the Year Award for North America! This recognition was given at the Snowflake Partner Summit—ahead of the first-ever Snowflake Summit—and we are elated to be named among so many strong companies.

Snowflake Growth Solution Partner of the Year

Being named a Growth Solution Partner of the Year means we’ve had a strong impact on initiating customer relationships with Snowflake. It’s a delight to have the opportunity to introduce our clients to a partner like Snowflake, knowing the transformative effect it can have on an analytics practice. We’re proud to team up with Snowflake and support our clients through our ever-deepening expertise and experience with this cloud-based data warehouse.

This award is especially significant to us because in the two years that we’ve been partnered with Snowflake, we’ve received two consecutive Partner of the Year honors. We believe so strongly in Snowflake’s intuitive ability to store data in a flexible way that consistently turns industry-wide speed and scalability expectations on their heads. It’s rewarding to be recognized for our commitment to the partnership, but it’s even more fulfilling to know that a company we have such a strong relationship with is truly the best in the business.

A Renewed Commitment to Client Success

We understand that we’re one of many strong tech consultancies, and we’re humbled to be on the receiving end of this Snowflake award. This recognition reaffirms to us that the expertise and excellence our consultants provide makes a difference and serves to meet our clients exactly where they are. This honor will continue to drive us as we seek to tailor innovative and targeted solutions to surmount any data or IT challenge our clients may be experiencing.

Are you currently working through a challenge in Snowflake or seeking a strategic guide to support your tech needs? We’d love to help. Contact us, and let’s begin a conversation about architecting the right plan for you.

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Five-Timers’ Club: InterWorks Returns to CRN Solution Provider 500

InterWorks named to CRN Solution Provider 500

We’re excited to share that InterWorks was named to the CRN Solution Provider 500 for 2019! While this is an honor we’ve received before, it never gets old and continually serves to affirm that we’re on the right track in our mission to support clients with the best data and tech solutions around.

For a refresher, every year, CRN determines which companies are the most solid when it comes to providing top-notch tech solutions. Not only do these solutions need to be of the highest quality, but they also must meet a diverse set of needs, spanning the full range of technology. We’re proud to be recognized in such good company, but we’re just the sum of this equation; the elements we’re comprised of are the real heroes.

Only As Strong As Our Partners

We pride ourselves on our wide-ranging technical expertise, and we work hard to meet each client’s need, whether it be server maintenance and support or data storage and visualization. However, we’re able to provide this variety of services because we team up with some of the strongest companies in the game.

Our partners consist of remarkably innovative problem solvers, companies who dare to push the boundaries and continue to ask how existing solutions can be improved upon. We count ourselves fortunate to have forged such strong partnerships across the IT and BI industries, and we know that our success is always shared with those whom we have worked alongside.

Only As Effective As Our People

We’d be completely remiss to not shout from the mountaintops how amazing our team members are! Our greatest asset, they are the real difference makers who provide boots-on-the-ground support every day, establishing and maintaining strong client and partner relationships.

Our team has a true desire to deliver the best, most tailored solutions possible, with authentic empowerment as the ultimate goal for clients. So far, that model has proven to be a pretty good one, and we hope to keep following that lodestar for many years to come.

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InterWorks Blog Roundup – May 2019

InterWorks Blog Roundup - May 2019

Last month on the blog, we saw more of our data and tech insights in full bloom. From a deep dive series examining Tableau Prep to looking ahead at some exciting conferences from our partners, the blog offering was diverse. With over 20 different content pieces that featured more than 15 distinct contributors from every corner of our organization, this blog roundup is sure to offer something meet your needs, no matter where you are on your data journey. Check out the list below to find the right resource for you:

News, Events and Culture

Tableau Tips, Tricks and Community

Tableau Vizzes

Understanding Tableau Prep and Conductor

Advance with Assist

Portals for Tableau

Podcast Your Data

UX and Design

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Bound for Berlin: InterWorks Awaits Tableau Conference Europe 2019

Tableau Conference Europe

It’s nearly that time of year again! I am really looking forward to Tableau Conference Europe 2019 this month! Soon, I’ll be flying from London to Berlin, where I’ll get to see my European colleagues. The last time I saw them was in December when we had a snowball fight in Bulgaria, so I’m incredibly excited to reunite with them after such a long time.

Connecting with Friends Old and New

Tableau Conference is always such a great opportunity to catch up with the other attendees and meet new people! I love chatting with people and hearing about their experiences with Tableau. In fact, a few weeks ago, I led a training course in which some of the attendees said they were attending. Talking to them about the conference only served to increase my excitement, and I hope to catch up with them in Berlin.

I’ll also be seeing one of my old colleagues, Mark Corbridge, where he’ll be co-leading the breakout session From Tabl-oh.. to Tab-WOAH! that examines standardising account-management dashboards. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to be in that session as I really enjoy seeing how other people have used Tableau to transform their reports.

Tableau Conference Europe

Sessions Designed for Every Tableau User

Attending the conference sessions are fantastic opportunities to learn. Plus, there are all sorts of different session types, so you can be sure to find the right fit for how you want to engage with Tableau: breakout, hands-on training, meet-up, etc. Plus, the hands-on sessions are each designated with a level, ranging from Jedi to brand-new user, so you can select the one that will best meet your needs.

The days at the conference are PACKED full of exciting things to see and do. My recommendation is to get to the keynotes early, so you can get a good seat with the best view. As far as the sessions are concerned, you can find the full listing of available options here. Some sessions I’m keen to attend are:

Next-Level Viz in Tooltip: Breakout Session

This will focus on teaching users how to customise and experiment with the Viz in Tooltip. It will feature different ways to make it interactive, multi-leveled, drill-able and more. I found the Viz in Tooltip component incredibly powerful when it came out, so I’m pretty excited to see what people have been doing with it since then.

Football Analytics with Tableau & Exasol: Breakout Session

I’m a big fan of Makeover Monday, and its co-creator, Eva Murray, is hosting this breakout. I’m really interested to see how she uses Exasol and Tableau in achieving some fantastic analytics.

Let’s Talk About Sets – Set (and Parameter) Actions II: Breakout Session

Ever since set actions came out, they have enabled me to do so much more in Tableau. Roadblocks I had previously experienced have been overcome with help from this feature. Now that parameter actions have come out in 2019.2, I’m really keen to see their impact and learn how to use them effectively.

Iron Viz: Keynote Session

Iron Viz is always what I’m most excited about. This is on Wednesday, 19 June, from 13:00 – 14:00. In this keynote session, you watch the finalists build their visualisations on stage within a 20-minute timeframe. It’s definitely something to witness!

InterWorks booth at Tableau Conference Europe 2018

Above: Some of the InterWorks team at our TC booth in 2018.

What We’re Most Excited About for Tableau Conference

This conference is very significant in the Tableau community, and it is a crucial way for Tableau users across the continent to connect, learn from one another and hear the new ways Tableau continues to pioneer in the data industry. Below are some takeaways from past attendees that demonstrate the lasting impact of attending TC, as well as some hopeful anticipation from first-timers:

  • Eugenia Kis | Meeting colleagues and people from the Tableau community is the most exciting for me. I love hearing of different use cases, what users are dealing with and what they are able to solve with Tableau!
  • Jess Walker | This will be my very first Tableau Conference, so I am honestly excited about the entire experience. After reading through the event line-up, I am most looking forward to the sessions on R and Python integrations with Tableau, establishing an analytics culture within an organization and the Data + Women meet and greet. I am currently supporting the new Data + Women chapter in the Netherlands, so I am jazzed to chat with other community members about their personal experiences with this awesome initiative.
  • René Mutzbauer | I’m very excited to attend my very first Tableau Conference! I can’t wait to catch up with people and meet new attendees. It’s a great chance to talk with others face-to-face about Tableau and how we can support them with our services and solutions.
  • Raphael Teufel | I am most excited about meeting the Tableau community again! It’s a great chance to share the expertise, knowledge and stories around our work with Tableau.
  • Nisa Marques | What I look forward to most is the possibility of meeting long-time friends and being able to make new ones. It amazes me how many people share my same enthusiasm and dedication for using data analysis and Tableau to empower people and do good. I also can’t wait to participate in the Data + Women and Viz for Social Good events. The keynotes, Devs on Stage session and the Iron Viz competition are always special, and on a personal note, it will be great to attend my first European conference.
  • Stefanie Niemzok | Honestly, everything I know about TC at this point is from stories my colleagues have told, some marketing videos and a few TC attendees’ blogs I’ve read. And it sounds pretty amazing. For my first Tableau Conference, I am definitely ready to spend three days with awesome, likeminded and creative problem solvers. Plus, I can’t wait to hear about upcoming features. The list of recent releases is sublime, so what could possibly come next? I’ll be working at the InterWorks booth and can’t wait to see you all. Come talk data!

See You in Berlin!

The days are full of things to do, the food is great, and Data Night Out is not to be missed. Drop by our booth to say hi and grab some freebies. We love meeting new people, and we hope to see you at TC!

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InterWorks Thrilled for First-Ever Snowflake Summit

InterWorks Thrilled for First-Ever Snowflake Summit

We’re on the cusp of a historic moment in the data world: the first Snowflake Summit ever! On June 3-6, the best and brightest in data will gather together in San Francisco at this sold-out conference to celebrate milestones and map new trails to blaze in the future. As a Silver Sponsor, InterWorks is proud to be able to help strengthen and bolster Snowflake’s unique brand, enterprising community and pioneering mission. Here’s what you can expect at the Summit and why we’re so pumped to be there.

A Conference as Unique as … a Snowflake

This conference has it all. From outstanding keynote speakers and breakout sessions to one-on-one consultations with Snowflake experts and a comprehensive training on the Snowflake essentials, you’re sure to walk away from this experience with countless new tips, tricks and insights to boost your analytics practice. The Summit offers a variety of tracks tailormade to meet you right where you are in your role, vision and expertise with data.

In addition to all the standard magic of tech conferences, Snowflake Summit is going the extra mile by providing hands-on labs that are completely outfitted with instructors ready to give you personal coaching in Snowflake, no matter your level of familiarity with it. Here, you’ll get to play with new features and practice your skills, so you can feel confident to return home and start applying your new data wizardry on your own. Then, after a long day’s worth of data work, you’ll get to relax and celebrate at the Snowball.

Forecast: Snow in San Francisco

We are so excited to let it snow this June! We’ll have a booth in the expo hall, so be sure to swing by in between sessions and grab some of that good swag. Since this is the first Snowflake Summit, we’re looking forward to making new friends in the data community, as well as reunite with old ones like Tableau, Matillion and AWS, among many others. This will be a groundbreaking conference in more ways than one, which is why we’re sending so many consultants to take it all in and bring back what they learn.

Amidst the amazing group of speakers lined up for the Summit, we’ll also have the pleasure of hearing from some of our own clients, Fortescue Metals Group and the San Francisco Giants. It will be especially meaningful to hear them share on such a large stage how Snowflake equipped them for their greatest success, knowing we got to play a supporting role.

Take Your Data Dreams Beyond the Clouds

Snowflake Summit is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind experience, just as distinct and revolutionary as Snowflake itself. This cloud data warehouse is a truly transformative partner we are proud to work alongside. It’s made all the difference for so many of our clients. Learn how Snowflake created space for powerful growth and insight delivery in this case study with Spireon, or explore how it afforded Hamilton College more flexibility and freedom to better serve the university’s stakeholders.

At InterWorks, we believe in Snowflake and can’t wait to be surrounded by other industry leaders, partners and users who share that enthusiasm. We hope to see you in San Francisco!

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