codingdirectional: Reverse a number with Python

In this snippet, we are going to create a python method to reverse the order of a number. This is one of the questions on Codewars. If you enter -123 into the method you will get -321. If you enter 1000 into the method you will get 1. Below is the entire solution.

 def reverse_number(n):     num_list = list(str(n))     num_list.reverse()      if "-" in num_list:         num_list.pop(len(num_list)-1)         num_list.insert(0, "-")      return int("".join(num_list)) 

If you do follow my website you know that I always write simple python code and post them here, but starting from the next article, I will stop posting python code for a while and start to talk about my python journey and the cool software which is related to python. I hope you will appreciate this new style of writing and thus will make learning python for everyone a lot more fun than just staring at the boring and sometimes long python snippet.

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