codingdirectional: Anata wa hontōni sorera no kaidan o noboru koto ga dekimasu ka?

Hello and welcome back to another easy solution posted on Codewars. In this chapter, we need to solve the below problem.

Suzuki is a monk who climbs a large staircase to the monastery as part of a ritual. Some days he climbs more stairs than others depending on the number of students he must train in the morning. He is curious how many stairs might be climbed over the next 20 years and has spent a year marking down his daily progress.

The sum of all the stairs logged in a year will then be used for estimating the number he might climb in 20.

20_year_estimate = one_year_total * 20

You will receive the following data structure representing the stairs Suzuki logged in a year. You will have all data for the entire year so regardless of how it is logged the problem should be simple to solve.

 stairs = [sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday] 

Make sure your solution takes into account all of the nesting within the stairs array.

Each weekday in the stairs array is an array.

 sunday = [6737, 7244, 5776, 9826, 7057, 9247, 5842, 5484, 6543, 5153, 6832, 8274, 7148, 6152, 5940, 8040, 9174, 7555, 7682, 5252, 8793, 8837, 7320, 8478, 6063, 5751, 9716, 5085, 7315, 7859, 6628, 5425, 6331, 7097, 6249, 8381, 5936, 8496, 6934, 8347, 7036, 6421, 6510, 5821, 8602, 5312, 7836, 8032, 9871, 5990, 6309, 7825] 

Your function should return the 20 year estimate of the stairs climbed using the formula above.

You might feel confused at the beginning what does the author of this question actually wants but that is how all the questions on Codewars appear to be because they are from people around the world whose language is not English. While you try to figure it out what this question actually means, below is the entire solution written in python.

 def stairs_in_20(stairs):     total = 0     for stair in stairs:         for number in stair:             total += number     return total * 20 

Do enjoy and hope you like this post.

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