InterWorks Receives a Cloud Partner of the Year Award from Ingram Micro for 2018

Ingram Micro Partner of the Year award

Recently, Ingram Micro held its annual Cloud Summit, a multi-day conference that brings together not only some of the brightest technology resellers and partners but also some of the biggest, like Microsoft and Amazon. As part of the Summit, Ingram hands out awards to some of their most outstanding partners to honor achievements from the previous year. We are proud to announce that InterWorks was recognized as a US Cloud Partner of the Year Award for Depth.

Cloud Partner of the Year for Depth

This award was based on annual percentage growth for infrastructure-as-a-services (IaaS) sold, and we increased our output by over 400% last year. What’s especially humbling about this award is that it’s just a byproduct of the way we like to do business: collaborating with the best partners to empower our clients to do their best work.

“It just so happened that IaaS was the right solution for many of our clients. We believe in providing the right solutions, and our clients believe in us. It all goes back to strong relationships.” – Aaron Richardson, Director of IT Practice Delivery

What Is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

IaaS is IT infrastructure that’s offered through the cloud. This is valuable to clients because it affords them the ability to manage their infrastructure remotely, which simplifies management, improves reliability and increases the agility and flexibility of performance. Ingram Micro has been our go-to distributor for these kinds of services for a long time, and we are grateful for the relationship we’ve fostered over the years.

Looking Ahead with Ingram Micro

As an American distributor of information technology products, Ingram Micro works to provide comprehensive solutions that help businesses fully realize the promise and potential of tech. With a global reach and wide scope of services, Ingram Micro delivers solid tech and supply-chain services to customers worldwide. We’ve looked to them for many things over the years—primarily Microsoft Office, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services—but after learning about a number of their additional offerings, we’re expectant to see how these could lead to more exciting and productive options for everyone involved going forward.

If you are interested learning more about IaaS and what we can do with it, we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether it’s Rackspace, AWS or Azure, we have a number of options to give clients the right solution for their needs and things that work well with their existing infrastructure.

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