codingdirectional: Create a new Python Project with Visual Studio 2019 RC IDE

Hello people, after a while of rest I have started a new python project today which I believe will take almost a month to complete. I will update the progress of this project at least a few times per week on this website so make sure you visit this website constantly to receive the latest project update.

In this chapter, we will just create the new project and then writing a few lines of python code that will create a tkinter pop up windows. As you might have guessed from the above title, yes we are going to use the Visual Studio 2019 RC IDE to create this latest python project. I have downloaded the IDE and most of the components yesterday, and today I am ready to get to work, not only for this python project but also for two other projects that will create the application for windows 10 with c sharp and javascript.

If you have not yet downloaded the visual studio 2019 then you can head over to the official website of visual studio to download the installer which will then help you to install visual studio as well as all the python components that are needed in our project. The download size of the python components are not that huge so you should have no problem to download all the python components that you need for this project.

The download size for the python components is around 1.84 GB

After you have downloaded the visual studio IDE plus the python components we can then start a brand new python project.

Select Python Application when create a new project in visual studio

The next step you need to do is to fill up all the project details and press the next button then the create button to create a brand new python project.

Fill up the project details

You can clearly see your project files from the solution explorer.

The file name is

Now you can start to type in the below code to the code editing panel. After that select Debug->Start Debugging.

 from tkinter import * import tkinter.ttk as tk  win = Tk() # Create tk instance win.title("Collect Youtube Keyword Ranking") # Add a title win.resizable(0, 0) # Disable resizing the GUI win.configure(background='black') # change window background color  win.mainloop() 

You will see the tkinter window plus the default command prompt pop up on the screen.

This means the debugging process has completed and there is no error in that python code

We will talk about the python project details in the next chapter.

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