Made With Mu: A GPIOZero Theramin for Valentine’s Day

Thanks to Ben Nuttall, one of the maintainers of the wonderful, GPIOZero library, love is in the air.

Why not serenade your Valentine with Mu, a distance sensor, speaker, Raspberry Pi and some nifty Python code which uses GPIOZero to turn the hardware into a romantic Theramin..?

It’s only four lines of code, thus showing how easy it is to make cool hardware hacks with Mu, Python and GPIOZero:

from gpiozero import TonalBuzzer, DistanceSensor  buzzer = TonalBuzzer(20) ds = DistanceSensor(14, 26)  buzzer.source = ds 

The end result is full of love (for GPIO related shenanigans):

Planet Python

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