codingdirectional: Counts the points of our team in the championship

Hello and today we will continue to solve the problem posted on codewars, if you have not yet joined codewars then I really encourage you to do so because this site is a real deal for those of you who want to master the Python programming language. In this latest chapter, we will need to write a function that takes such a list and counts the points of our football team in the championship. Rules for counting points for each match are as follows.

  1. if x>y – 3 points
  2. if x<y – 0 point
  3. if x=y – 1 point

We will first split the items in a list into two parts, then we will compare the first part with the second part and add up the points accordingly.

 def points(games):          total = 0     for points in games:         c_point = points.split(':')         if(int(c_point[0]) > int(c_point[1])):             total += 3         elif(int(c_point[0]) == int(c_point[1])):             total += 1      return total 

The solution is short and simple, if you have a better solution then do comment on the below tweet so others can learn from you as well.

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